A Fresh Take on
Social Fundraising

Fundraising just got a little easier. Hobnob lets you create and manage your own peer-to-peer event and makes it easy for your participants to set up their own fundraising pages. Your supporters can register for your event, earn fundraising badges, build teams, and buy your event’s merchandise online.

It's Easy. It's Unique. It's Personal.

Every participant can build their own unique fundraising page. They have a full range of fundraising tools that lets them do everything from upload photo galleries to write personal stories on their profiles. They can also use features like custom emails and social templates to share your cause with their family and friends.

Hobnob User-Friendly Fundraising Center
Earn Badges in Hobnob

Go for The Gold with Fundraising Badges

You can award fundraising badges to your most active participants. Badges help encourage involvement, boost fundraising activity, and foster a sense of achievement. You can create your own badges, or you can choose from badges that are already built for you.

You'll Love These Fundraising Tools

  • Build a fully featured customizable registration and fundraising website

    Let Your Creativity Shine

    You have complete control over your event. Hobnob’s easy-to-use event builder will help you put together an event page that perfectly reflects your organization’s branding and your cause.

  • Built to be responsive

    Stay Involved On The Go

    Your most powerful fundraising tool is in your supporters’ pockets. Your Hobnob event is responsive, so people can register, donate, and raise money on any device.

  • Storefront capabilities

    Build Your Own Store

    You can sell anything from t-shirts to water bottles to sponsorship packages in your event store. You have full control over everything, including inventory, your shop’s appearance, and more.

  • Encourage users to complete their profile

    Get Excited

    Participants can use Hobnob’s interactive walk-through to complete their profiles and start fundraising. It’s a great way to get them involved and help them collect more donations.

  • Social integration

    Spread The Word

    You and your supporters can use Hobnob’s social plugins to share your event on Facebook, on Twitter, and by e-mail. You can even schedule posts ahead of time!

  • Advanced reporting tools

    Track Your Progress

    Keep an eye on your participants’ progress with a range of features. You can watch your event’s performance from your dashboard, and you can use Hobnob’s reporting tools to track every detail.

Don't Sweat The Details: We've Got You Covered!

Fast Deposits

No more long waits for your funds. We’ll automatically deposit all of your donations directly into your bank account. Your donors and participants will see your organization’s name on their credit card statement, so they’ll know their gift went straight to you.

Unmatched Support

You don’t have to do it alone! Our support staff is available to help answer questions about managing your event. You have access to unlimited phone, e-mail, and online support at no extra cost – and we’ll make sure you never have to talk to a machine.

No Long-Term Contracts

You’re going to love Hobnob. We’re so sure of it, we require no long-term agreements or monthly fees.

Powerful Reporting

Thorough, detailed information is at your fingertips. You can use Hobnob’s standard reporting or build your own custom reports.

Learn What Hobnob Can Do For You

Want to learn what Hobnob can do for your organization? Our sales team can take you through a live, one-on-one demonstration to show you how you can tailor Hobnob to your specific event. You’ll even see how your supporters can use the system to help raise money with their own pages.


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