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It’s finally happening! The updated control panels we’ve been talking about are rolling out to all of our clients. All of the features you know and love are still available, and you now have more tools that will make your year-end fundraising more effective. Here’s a quick rundown of the update.


Notifications are an important way to notify the right people in your organization when you’ve received a donation or event registration, so we’ve made the interface you use to manage your notifications a lot more granular. You can assign notifications to different staff members based on different forms, restrictions, events, packages within an event, and more.

Previously, you would have set notifications for each individual form on the form-level control panel. Now, notifications are all housed in one area on your main dashboard. Managing your notification assignments from there will save you time by eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between forms to assign their notifications to your staff.

The interface will also let you know if any notifications are not assigned to a staff member, which is useful when setting up brand new notifications.

Read more about the notifications system here.


Since receipts are your first contact with your donors after they complete your gift, we paid special attention to the updated receipts system. The new interface makes managing receipts easier, and it’s easier to build custom receipts for donations made to specific restrictions, campaigns, or dedications.

Previously, donors who gave to an event would receive the standard donation receipt for that particular form. Now, there’s an option to build a custom receipt for donations made to a specific event. You don’t have to build a custom receipt, but it’s a great option if you want to make your receipts more personal!

You asked for receipts for refunds, and now they’re available! If you build a receipt for refunds, your donors will get an instant receipt when you refund part of all of a gift.

Read more about the new receipts interface here.

Event Previews

Many of you asked for a way to preview your events without making them live, which would make them visible to the public. We’re happy to announce that that capability is built into the update! We hope this makes setting up your events a little easier, especially as you get ready for your upcoming fundraising events and galas.

Service Integrations

Service integrations are now available globally in your main organizational dashboard. If you’ve been using one of our service integrations, you’re probably used to managing them on each of your forms; this new interface will make managing your service integrations more streamlined and will save you time you’d spend toggling between forms. Your integrations can also be set up to run continuously, which means you won’t need to manually run exports (unless you want to!).

We’ve built a body of how-to guides and technical documentation that covers every piece of the updated control panels. You can access it any time by clicking the “Support” link in the top right-hand corner of your control panel. If you have any other questions about your updated control panel, please contact us! You can reach us at 888-855-9595. You can also email us any time at

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