Fundraising Lab: San Francisco, CA

Fundraising Lab

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Join us on January 29th for our Fundraising Lab in San Francisco! This free event will give you the opportunity to network with nonprofit peers and walk away with information from the Tom Iselin on Concierge Fundraising!

Agenda and Details

Fort Mason Historic Firehouse
2 Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94123

8:00am – Free Breakfast & Networking
9:00am – Let’s have Coffee! The Art of Face-to-Face Fundraising | Tom Iselin
10:30am – Qgiv Show & Tell | See how other organizations are getting the most out of Qgiv
11:00am – How To: Build a Better Appeal

What are the best tactics to use to get donors to say “Yes” to your asks? How do you avoid the common mistakes that turn off donors? How do you raise money in a competitive environment? How do you transform first-time donors into loyal, long-time supporters?

In this high-energy, fun, and practical workshop, Tom Iselin helps you rethink grants and galas, and shows you how you can raise more money with fewer resources and headaches by spending more time raising money in face-to-face settings.

There will be handouts, group work, and Tom will share more than a dozen of his favorite strategies and practical tactics he’s used to raise tens of millions for the nonprofits he’s founded, and that you apply immediately to transform your fundraising efforts.

You’ll Learn:

  • 7 tactics that will increase your chances of raising more money during donor meetings.
  • Positioning triggers that inspire donors to make first-time gifts, and those that transform current donors into loyal, long-term supporters.
  • Tactics to avoid common mistakes that annoy donors and ensure fundraising failure.
  • A quiver of proven strategies for raising money in a competitive environment with limited resources.
  • Methods to compare the true ROI of your grants, galas, and face-to-face giving and how to fine-tune the right mix of each.
  • How to make simple changes that adds additional capacity to your fundraising efforts to increase the amount of money you raise through face-to-face giving by 50% in less than six months.
  • Shocking industry research that shows why face-to-face fundraising is the most effective and efficient fundraising tactic compared to more than a dozen other fundraising tactics.

About Tom

After a near-death experience in 1991, Tom left the big city lights and world of finance to become a social entrepreneur.

He then went on to build five notable nonprofits that address some of the nation’s complex societal issues: Hunger (the Hunger Coalition), substance abuse (Natural High), the environment (Environmental News Network), people with disabilities (Sun Valley Adaptive Sports), and one of America’s largest wounded warrior rehabilitation programs (Higher Ground).

In the process, he’s raised tens of millions of dollars, help shape national policy, and his work has touched the lives of millions of people across the country. Tom is also a nationally-renowned speaker and author. He has published six books and tours around the country speaking to thousands of nonprofit leaders each year on a variety of topics with his riveting, enthusiastic, and “Been in the trenches just like you!” style of speaking.

In 2006, Tom won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award, and has been featured on CNN, Nightline, Newsweek, and Associated Press for his work in the industry.

Tom runs a nonprofit consulting business that specializes in fundraising, strategic planning, board engagement, and retreats. He attended UC-San Diego, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Harvard. Tom lives in La Jolla, CA, where he loves tennis, mountain biking, cooking, and life at the beach with his family.

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