Giving Tuesday Email Examples, Plans, and Templates

Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday can be an incredibly lucrative day for your nonprofit if you do it right! Sending one email or posting one appeal on social just won’t cut it. You’ve got to put in some prep work to keep your nonprofit top-of-mind during the busy holiday season. One great way to do that is to build out a series of emails before the big day arrives. Let’s take a look at when to send the emails, how many you should send, and what you should include. We’ll also include Giving Tuesday email examples so you can get ideas for your own campaign!

Giving Tuesday Email Examples: Pre-Event

The Plan: Introducing Giving Tuesday

Your supporters might not be familiar with Giving Tuesday, so it’s a good idea to send out an email a couple of weeks in advance with a little background information. Tell them why the day is important, and let potential donors know how their gift will make a difference. Finish up by letting them know you’ll be sending a few reminders as Giving Tuesday approaches.


Giving Tuesday Email Example - Appeal Letter

The Plan: the Week Before

A week from Giving Tuesday, send out an email reminding supporters that Giving Tuesday is coming up. You should include your fundraising goal and a description of your programs. You should also include social sharing options and ask your supporters to share your campaign!


Giving Tuesday Email Example - Week of Email

The Plan: the Day Before

The day before Giving Tuesday, send a reminder email to build excitement that includes your goal, impact information, and details on any matching donations you may be receiving. Again, ask your supporters to share the campaign.


Giving Tuesday Email Example - Day Before Email

Giving Tuesday Email Examples: The Day of the Event

The Plan: the Day of the Event

On the day of Giving Tuesday, send out one message in the morning announcing the arrival of Giving Tuesday. It’s a great idea to include some specific impact information, such as “$10 provides one rabies vaccination.”


Giving Tuesday Email Example - Day of Email

The Plan: the Afternoon of Giving Tuesday

Around mid-day, send an email that updates donors on your progress. Make it visual by including a fundraising thermometer!


Giving Tuesday Email Example - Goal Email

The Plan: the End of the Event

At the end of the day, make one last appeal and ask donors if they’ll help you raise those last few dollars! Make sure you include the thermometer image here, too!


Giving Tuesday Email Example

Giving Tuesday Emails: After the Event

Once Giving Tuesday has passed, make sure you follow up and thank your donors. Here are some resources to help you out:

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