Good Reads: The Evolution of Donation Kiosks

Fundraising Events

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Donation kiosks are an increasingly popular way for nonprofit and faith-based organizations to collect donations on-site. We know how important it is for some organizations to give supporters a way to donate in person, and we’re really proud to offer our clients the option of having their own donation kiosk.

Qgiv kiosks are low-profile, self-contained donation stations. They include built-in internet, can be used for anything from tithes to event registrations, and connect with the Qgiv control panel. We get excited about our kiosks, and it looks like they’ve attracted some outside attention.

This article by Worship TechDecisions is full of good information about the evolution of the donation kiosk — and they picked one of our kiosk-users to talk about how it’s working for his church. They also picked a pretty cool-looking machine to use for their feature photo.

We think so, anyway!


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