System Update: Early April 2016

System Updates

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Enhancements and features:

  • If a donor tries to delete their donor account, they’ll receive a message letting them know that any recurring payments they set up through the account will be cancelled
  • Donors can now enter an email address and personal message when they dedicate a donation!
  • Pending registrations can now be deleted from the admin side so registrants can start over with the same email and a different password
  • Redirect option added under Event settings for events that have ended or that are closed
  • Kiosk max event tickets implemented
  • You can now set limits on peer-to-peer classifications! Registrants will receive a message that they need to choose a new classification if the one they’ve selected fills before they finish their registration.


  • Sponsor logo images fixed so weird color bleed doesn’t happen when they’re transparent
  • Hovering over a badge to read its description in the Team Badges tab will no longer cause a scroll bar to flicker into existence for but a fleeting moment
  • Peer-to-peer dashboard graphs now display correct data – offline donations updated to show offline verified and unverified together.
  • Mobile address setting selections are now behaving themselves and reflecting properly on the front end.
  • Submitting a form multiple times will not result in duplicate transactions.

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