System Update: Early April 2017

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • We have a Zapier integration! Zap away!
  • Made the “Custom Theme Color” language in Kiosk Settings a little more clear
  • Added a loading modal to display after joining or leaving a peer-to-peer team
  • Long names are now handled much more gracefully in peer-to-peer headers
  • In peer-to-peer notifications, we added [Peer-to-peer] in the subject line for easier differentiation
  • Made sure you cannot delete a peer-to-peer team that still has members if you delete the team captain after disabling him/her
  • Improved the language associated with entering how many promo codes you’d like to make available to registrants
  • Added helper text in peer-to-peer indicating that %infotags% will populate with the proper information once an email is actually sent or a social post goes live
  • Added memo field content from Virtual Terminal to associated email notifications
  • Offline and verified transactions are now exported via integrations
  • Salesforce:
    • Nonprofit Success Pack: added more strict package requirements
    • Added a link to our help desk documentation to the app’s help page
    • Added a way to bypass validation rules
    • If you’re not on the Grow plan or above and try to activate Salesforce, you’ll now be prompted to call us to get it set up

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed connecting to Facebook through peer-to-peer participant dashboard and registering with Facebook
  • Cancelling a donor account will now correctly delete all associated recurring payments, just like the message says before a donor confirms account deletion
  • In Salesforce, automatic imports won’t be interrupted if someone deletes the date/time stamp from imported transactions
  • Edited content in PDF receipts for kiosks will save properly
  • Clicking the Include PDF Receipt with event receipt toggle will save your actions; edited content should now save properly, as well
  • Qgiv thermometer goals should correctly save changes to AM/PM
  • Adjusted size of thermometers in single-column layouts so they’re not HUMONGOUS
  • Soft credit settings in the Bloomerang integrations now save properly
  • Linking back to Qgiv from transactions in Bloomerang should now work properly
  • One-time event donations will no longer show up as an option on Mobile Virtual Terminal when the option is disabled
  • Inventory in peer-to-peer store should now auto-generate correctly and allow you to make changes
  • When peer-to-peer donations are moved from one team/participant, any associated badges will be properly revoked/rewarded

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