System Update: Early April 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added download buttons linking to Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the Givi control panel
  • Added a bar that says “Preview” when viewing a Qgiv event in preview mode
  • You can now link a specific donation amount to a text giving keyword! Rejoice!

Bug Fixes

  • Did a little code cleanup in Givi (and fixed a typo… oopsie)
  • Fixed an issue causing session timeout when editing the team page of a peer-to-peer event
  • Removed the ability to submit a social post template multiple times, thus avoiding creating 3,247 of the same template (if you’re good at flutter clicking)
  • “All Participants” and “All Teams” disappeared from the badge editing drop-down… they’re back
  • Fixed some styling issues in the recurring payment table
  • In some instances, team donations weren’t following a team member when they got switched to a new team (…say “team” again). Now they do.
  • Fixed issue preventing payment source for matching donations from populating in the Transactions report
  • Fixed issue causing last four of credit card to appear as XX in Transactions report
  • Made sure transaction notes entered in the Virtual Terminal are correctly displaying in the Memo column in reports
  • Fixed a line break issue in peer-to-peer on mobile
  • Billing name now displays correctly in the Recurring Donations report download
  • Fixed an issue causing verified offline donations to sometimes not appear on a peer-to-peer participant’s page
  • Updated our reset password email to indicate when the link will expire

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