System update: Early April 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added a tag replacement for skins that will automatically insert the current year so you won’t have to call in to have us update copyright years on skinned forms

Bug Fixes

  • Statement Available text in the Notifications area no longer has a typo
  • Buying more than one package in a Qgiv event no longer blanks it out in certain instances
  • Fixed issue causing Kindful integration to export incorrect/inverse amount as Non-Tax Deductible
  • Fixed issue causing incorrect bill date to show in one-time fees
  • You can now change the sender email address when sending an email message from a standard Qgiv event. the address will revert back to the default once you’ve sent the message.
  • Fixed an issue causing peer-to-peer store product inventory to increase when a transaction error occurred
  • Fixed an issue with peer-to-peer store phone number being required, but not having a place to enter it on the front-end
  • Fixed issue causing the Restriction filter to fail in regard to Sub-restrictions when they have special characters

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