System Update: Early April 2020

System Updates

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Enhancements & Features

  • Created new Peer-to-Peer Inventory Report to make tracking peer-to-peer Store inventory easier.
  • Added the ability to create a Custom Report based on results of the Badges Report.
  • Added Matching Verified and Unverified categories to the Donations Overview graph on the peer-to-peer event dashboard.
  • There’s now a new notification that will alert users when a new peer-to-peer team is created.
  • Added support for Givi restriction data to be mapped to all service integration and appear in transaction reports.
  • Users can customize the message displayed when donors try to register for their events but registration is closed.
  • Reworked peer-to-peer event URLs to compose them using the event alias on all pages.
  • Organization admins can now resend Manage Tickets and Invite emails from the Attendees tab of the Auctions Virtual Terminal.
  • Added a Connection Details box and Re-authenticate button to the Settings menu of both the Constant Contact and DonorPerfect service integrations.
  • Added a new receipt tag for Billing Name for instances where the name on the payment method does not match the name of the donor.
  • Created a new toggle that excludes soft credits from DonorPerfect Service Integration exports.
  • Added the Created By field to the Recurring Report to display which user entered a recurring gift.
  • The Auction Event Overview Dashboard now has the ability to filter out registrants who are not attending with certain transaction statuses.
  • When registration transactions for auctions and events are declined, charged back, returned, or have an error the registrants associated with the transaction will automatically be marked as Not Attending.

Bug Fixes

  • Item Value will no longer display on auction bid sheet if the item value is set to $0.00.
  • Revised language in auction registration to make it clearer that the phone number field is asking specifically for a cell phone number for the event participants.
  • Added credit card authentication when checking in to an auction event.
  • Changed the way Mountain Time Zone works when creating events to account for both states that observe daylight savings time and those that do not.

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