System Update: Early August 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • New notification recipients will be auto-enrolled to receive eCheck status change update notifications. This is to ensure they’re notified when an eCheck is returned and to avoid any potential refunds for returned eChecks.
  • You can now filter by custom fields in the Peer-to-Peer Participants report
  • If you’re using the Salesforce integration (export version), you can now select which search logic for account matching you’d like to use
  • Added extra information fields related to recurring payments in service integrations
  • Added a way to choose a receipt acknowledgement type in the settings of the DonorPerfect integration
  • Added a Promo Code filter to the Qgiv Registrations report
  • Added a Started filter to the Recurring report that filters based on start date
  • Added an Associated Info filter to the Transactions report

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Opportunity Name field in the Salesforce integration export to “Qgiv Transaction XXXX” instead of pulling way too much information and making the Opportunity Name incredibly long
  • Fixed the Search for a Form function within Go To a Form
  • Organization-level dashboards weren’t loading. We were as annoyed as you were.
  • Fixed the Billing Name column in the Recurring Payments report
  • Fixed Batches and Settlements daily summary to display different merchant accounts in separate tables according to selected settings
  • Fixed an issue causing custom restriction descriptions to remain displayed even after selecting a new restriction that doesn’t have a description
  • Fixed problem with entry of dollar amounts on public-facing mobile form when multi-restriction giving was turned on

Mobile Virtual Terminal Updates

  • Moved the memo field so you can enter notes before completing a transaction. The notes are now included in the notification email.
  • Donations can now be marked as anonymous.
  • Fixed UI for iPhone X so the “Logout” button isn’t cut off.
  • Changed the buttons to say “Log out” and “Log in” because “Logout” and “Login” are just wrong.
  • Updated Mastercard validation to accommodate new BIN range.

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