System Update: Early August 2021

System Updates

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We’ve got a big update to start off this month! Lots of enhancements and fixes for our auction platform, some updates to our integrations, and a new reporting feature.

Features and Enhancements

  • For auctions, we’ve added the ability to clone sponsors along with other auction settings during cloning.
  • Also for auctions, you can now see Store items purchased during registration in the Auction Virtual Terminal. 
  • Integration users with lots of forms! Only forms with at least one transaction will now show in the Qgiv Data drop-down when setting up Optional Mappings. That way, deleted or unused forms won’t clutter up the view.
  • And for Salesforce users, we’ve added a way to filter out inactive GAUs when configuring your default mappings.
  • To make your reporting even better, we’ve added more options for fields you can include in your custom reports. 
Gif of a woman in white gloves making a triangle gesture with her hands. Caption reads, "This is custom."

Bug Fixes

  • Company donations paid by eCheck are once again processing as expected.  
  • Auction bidders in other countries can now change the billing country when registering on the web. 
  • Other fixes for auctions include:
    • Tweaks to the Pending filter and to custom fields in the Auction Virtual Terminal
    • Ensuring that the auction account creation email sends the correct event link
    • Auction event receipts once again populating the Event Name tag as intended
  • The daily settlement breakdown of the batches and settlements report is now factoring in auction purchases.
  • Some users were seeing some required system fields display as “Optional” on donation forms. The “Optional” tag is now removed if the field is required. 

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