System Update: Early December 2016

System Updates

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It’s the moooost wonderfullll tiiiime of the yeeeear! Actually, it’s just the last push of the year.

Here’s what we made better:

  • For peer-to-peer, you no longer have to reset the Classification List Page to add the Team List widget button after deleting it
  • PayPal transactions will show in the “Unfunded” column in your batches and settlements
  • Made it a bit more obvious that you should add layout containers so you can do cool stuff when editing your form’s Landing Page in Form Builder
  • Added accommodation for Armed Forces addresses
  • Streamlined the process for adding additional registrants in peer-to-peer events

Here’s what we fixed:

  • HTML descriptions for event packages now display correctly in the Virtual Terminal
  • Fixed some issues causing service integrations drop-downs to misbehave in Internet Explorer
  • Check numbers now show up correctly in reports when entered through VT

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