System Update: Early February 2017

System Updates

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Holy moly, we’re already 1/12th of the way through 2017?! We did some stuff for ya!


  • Classifications in the Classification Leaderboard now link to that classification’s fundraising page.
  • When you’re on a participant or team peer-to-peer fundraising page, donation buttons in the footer and the donation link in the navigation will now link to that entity’s donation URL instead of taking you to the overall event donation page
  • You can now create a peer-to-peer donations custom report
  • Improved the readability of dashboard graphs while viewing a long time period
  • Province/state option is hidden if it isn’t relevant (such as in the case of Puerto Rico)

Bug Fixes:

  • Donor summaries no longer display duplicate entries
  • Made it so the Sponsors wdget in peer-to-peer doesn’t get blocked by ad blockers
  • Fixed some permissions access in the Reporting area – giving users the “Manage Constituents” option lets them see peer-to-peer form-level donor, participant, and team reports; “Reporting” permission gives them access to org-level reports
  • Fixed an issue causing chargeback fees to post when they shouldn’t


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