System Update: Early February 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • The “Search this event” text in the P2P donation page search widget can now be edited
  • Added number of team members to table that classification captains can access from their fundraising dashboards
  • Moved P2P SMS “How Text Giving Works” button so it’s front-and-center

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue keeping SMS receipts from opening
  • Exports now correctly identify and mark new contact records
  • Slight change to the way recurring donations are named – your org name is now included in the name, instead of “Automated for 1234”
  • Fixed issue causing Facebook to pull old images from cloned forms when sharing from the new form
  • P2P dashboard breakdown by event should now show registrations correctly
  • Fixed issue with some product images not showing on P2P store receipts
  • GiftAssist should now show up as its own line in Batches and Settlements summary breakdown

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