System Update – Early January 2016

System Updates

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Happy New Year!

This year is going to be awesome. We just completed our first development cycle of 2016; here’s what to expect!

  • Tons of improvements to the up-and-coming GiftAssist feature — keep your eyes out for additional updates!;
  • The ability to mark an event attendee “Not Attending” after they cancel their registration;
  • New notifications that can be sent to administrators when a donation is voided;
  • An improved integration with Quickbooks Online; and
  • Improvements to our Fellowship One integration.

We’re furiously testing GiftAssist to make sure it’s perfect before we include it in everyone’s control panels. We’ll be sending updates this month or next with more information on how to use it.

Happy fundraising, Qgiv friends! This is going to be an amazing year.

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