System Update: Early January 2017

System Updates

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New and improved for the new year:

  • Adjusted P2P thermometer sizes when they’re placed in a single-column layout so they’re not GINORMOUS
  • You can now create a detailed custom report for peer-to-peer events
  • You can now customize the dedication text on the Donation Page in the Donation Details widget for peer-to-peer
  • Donors can now send dedication notifications to multiple email addresses
  • Your old Qgiv events can now be archived! You’ll see two tabs in your event listing: Active/Inactive and Archived. No more thirty-mile-long lists of events! YAY!
  • It’s now more obvious that you can send fundraising emails in the Share Event section of the P2P fundraising dashboard
  • You can now add and remove newly created custom fields to/from custom reports

Dead bugs:

  • Sending a dedication notification with a recurring donation no longer links to places it shouldn’t!
  • Emails scheduled to send in the P2P fundraising center should now…send.  Imagine that.
  • Your additional registrants can now add additional registrants! Makes a good tongue twister…how many registrants would a registrant register if a registrant could register unlimited registrants?
  • Changed adding additional registrants from the fundraising dashboard so it’s more intuitive – it now has a large icon and says “Add a Registrant”
  • Litle eChecks should now display proper refund options
  • If you have individual fundraising turned off, team participants can no longer leave a team and be floating around as individuals. Oops.

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