System Update: Early January 2018

System Updates

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where we attempted to export offline, unverified transactions to Church Community Builder, Emma, FellowshipOne, NeonCRM, QuickBooks Online, and Raiser’s Edge
  • Added label for Tax ID in PDF receipts (just the ID with no label was present previously)
  • Fixed issue involving thermometers with custom fill colors updating when primary color of theme in Form Builder was changed
  • Fixed issue so peer-to-peer leaderboards display registration costs when the setting to display them in thermometers is enabled
  • Fixed issue with peer-to-peer store products respecting max quantity on the store detail page, but not on the checkout page
  • When editing a recurring payment in a donor account, the correct individual donation amount displays
  • Fixed an issue in Salesforce for Affinaquest users that was causing a failure to import a transaction when an existing contact is found that isn’t associated with an account
  • Dashboard data now accounts for deleted forms
  • Chargeback notifications are being sent correctly
  • Fixed custom date range tool in Batches and Settlements

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