System Update: Early January 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added a search functionality to the integration setup page
  • Updated the UI of the integration setup page
  • Added a “Limit Team Joining to Classification” setting in peer-to-peer
  • Added hierarchical SMS short codes to peer-to-peer events

Bug Fixes

  • Cleaned up some UI issue and minor bugs in Donor Summaries
  • You can now scroll down to the “Submit” button when adding a memo in Mobile Virtual Terminal
  • GiftAssist amount now shows in peer-to-peer participants’ “Donations Received” table
  • Fixed an issue causing an error message to appear when you removed the redirect URL from a peer-to-peer event, toggled the redirect functionality off, and tried to save your settings
  • Text entered in “Tweet Content” in the social sharing widget is no longer ignored when the setting type is “Advanced”
  • GiftAssist label now updates amount properly when editing a recurring payment in control panel
  • Fixed some issues with individual/team thermometers in peer-to-peer
  • Viewing a peer-to-peer receipt from the account dashboard no longer logs you out after 1 minute

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