System Update: Early July 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • In peer-to-peer, you can now customize the error message that appears when no category is available for a classification
  • The peer-to-peer store now displays a price range instead of the base cost if an item’s inventory has varying prices
  • There are now opt-in settings for peer-to-peer donation forms
  • Non-fundraising participants can now join a team during the main registration process in peer-to-peer
  • Added a “Select All” option in the form selection drop-down/area when adding an API token
  • Updated some wording on political forms

Bug Fixes

  • Litle eChecks will only show as refundable starting at 5 days after they were submitted
  • Fixed issue causing bullet points/numbering options to disappear when editing a Qgiv event package
  • Fixed gigantic font size that sometimes occurred when embedding thermometers
  • Updated credit card validation logic for Mobile Virtual Terminal to accommodate new MasterCard ranges
  • Connecting Twitter to social posts was broken
  • Kindful integration: made Campaign required
  • Salesforce integration: updated how we handle state/country code to eliminate errors
  • Event-wide columns in Custom Transactions report should now work properly
  • Event Builder should no longer auto-correct things when you don’t want it to
  • Disabled event promo codes will not work on the frontend
  • Fixed editing of API tokens
  • Aligned social buttons on donation forms – they were askew (fun times: Google “askew”)
  • Early bird codes can no longer result in a negative transaction total on the backend
  • Qgiv event custom fields should now always show correctly on downloaded Transactions report

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