System Update: Late June 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • A name is now required for users when a new user account is created via the invite system
  • After a recurring donation is made, the recurring ID will now appear on the confirmation page
  • In peer-to-peer, donors can now send out a link to the donation page that has them pre-selected as the recipient of the donation
  • If you have your Dedication Notification turned on, you’ll notice updated descriptor language in the Receipts area
  • You can now customize social sharing content that shows up when a donor shares your form instead of just using the form title. This can be done in Form Builder in the Social Sharing widget.
  • Adjusted the maximum number of email addresses that can be sent to from the participant fundraising center to 1,000
  • Any private transaction notes entered during a Virtual Terminal transaction are now included in the notification email
  • Donation Received notifications now include recurring frequency, if applicable
  • Dedications are now mapped to the “Tribute” field in Bloomerang
  • You can now make the subrestriction text field required

Bug Fixes

  • Minor numeral formatting fixes in the peer-to-peer Badge Center
  • Made sure Canadian notifications didn’t contain US form field information (zip code, state, etc.)
  • Recurring donations paused by our system were sometimes showing as paused by the donor – not anymore!
  • Any testing activity done before account activation will no longer show up in the activity feed after an account is live
  • Salesforce Export integration (NPSPv3): the primary contact is correctly set on opportunity records
  • Fixed an issue causing categories to sometimes show up twice in the drop-down in the Edit Participant area in peer-to-peer
  • Added validation to URLs in the peer-to-peer redirect field–you’ll now get an error if you enter an invalid URL and must update it to proceed
  • Fixed instance of EST where it should be EDT
  • Fixed an issue causing the peer-to-peer thermometer to cut off large dollar amounts
  • Added filters and columns to the custom registration report that should have been there
  • Made donation-related columns available in Transactions custom report
  • made event-related columns available in Transaction custom report
  • Added a Donation Total column to custom reports

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