System Update: Early July 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added currency formatting to appropriate custom fields for Qgiv service integrations that support custom mapping. No more missing commas, decimal points, or digits.
  • Created the “Transaction Type” standard field mapping for Qgiv integrations that support custom mappings.
  • There’s no “I” in team! When individual fundraisers belonging to a fundraising team receive a donation, it’ll now be reflected in the team page’s Supporters widget.
  • No more TMI! There’s a new receipt tag for standard Qgiv events that displays just the package name rather than sharing all of the package details. This keeps your event receipts short and simple.
  • QuickBooks Online and Kindful service integration users can now view their connection details from the integration’s “Settings” menu and can re-authenticate their integration credentials at any time to keep their Qgiv and integration accounts connected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bidding increment bug that made bidding impossible on items when the bidding increment was changed during the auction. Now, users can add a bidding increment to an item during an auction so long as it’s divisible by that auction item’s maximum bid amount (Don’t worry! We created a new error message to indicate when a bid increment won’t work.). Now bidders can up the bid without messing up!

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