System Update: Early June 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • The big news in this update is all the improvements we’ve made to our Auction Item Import tool! Using the tool should be quick and easy, and with these new enhancements, it is!
  • PLUS! A new video for using the Item Import tool is coming soon to our help desk.
  • We’ve also added some handy tooltips to the Auction Virtual Terminal checkout screen.
  • And eTapestry users will see some new options when setting up the integration’s Account Naming Convention.

Bug Fixes

  • We noticed that the “Outbid” notification for web auctions wasn’t always displaying long enough for bidders. To fix that, we extended and standardized the notification’s display time.
  • Declined transactions are once again showing the whole amount as declined, instead of appearing to decline only the GiftAssist amount.
  • Speaking of GiftAssist, the GA option wasn’t appearing on some forms, even though it was enabled in the form settings.
  • For integrations with lots of optional mappings, an error in one mapping no longer throws an error message for all mappings below it. Also, the page will now scroll to the mapping that needs correcting.
  • Finally, customized Team URLs for peer-to-peer events are once again saving properly.

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