System Update: Early March 2017

System Updates

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Enhancements and Features

  • Billing Information has been rolled into the Payment Information section of the public-facing form, offering a more streamlined look
  • You can now create Custom Reports for Recurring Payments and Peer-to-Peer Teams! …so you can have even more data


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with required custom fields not saving answers
  • Inventory should properly update when being added to peer-to-peer store
  • Classifications for archived events now show in reports
  • First and last name fields for 0 dollar registration on Kiosks are now going through again
  • Cloned custom fields weren’t showing up in the control panel… they are now
  • If you delete a field from a custom report, it can now be added back instead of showing up as grayed-out
  • In SMS and mobile address settings, drop-downs for state and province now update correctly when switching from US to non-US addresses
  • When all products are sold out or none exist in the peer-to-peer store, the store will now close
  • There’s a new tag for recurring payments that calculates the amount left to bill: %TotalPaymentRemaining%
  • From time to time, custom fields would overlap when the “separate line” option wasn’t slected – this is fixed!
  • Screen reader improvements were made in the state drop-down menu for peer-to-peer
  • Donors deleting payment methods from their accounts won’t receive an error message if they click “Yes, delete it” multiple times
  • The Image Gallery widget in Event Builder should now adjust appropriately when you switch from uploading portrait- to landscape-style images

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