System Update: Early March 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • There’s an easier way to view FundHub Live pages! Selecting View FundHub Live Page button opens it in a new tab.
  • Export success message links to new export history report
  • The re-authenticate button for service integrations is now centered in the activation box
  • Offline donation import can now include donations with or without an email address and users can choose whether or not to send email receipts for imported offline donations
  • Added ability to override user opt-in selection in DonorPerfect integration settings
  • “Pledge Name” field added as a standard field in service integrations supporting custom mapping
  • Auction Custom Reports and Virtual Terminal Donation can include “Created By” field to note which user entered a Virtual Terminal transaction
  • When cloning a form, users can select which User Permissions, if any, are copied over to the new form
  • Auction title is now displayed when accessing an auction via the Virtual Terminal
  • All search bars in reports support enhanced search logic (values in a range separated by a hyphen or comma separated values)
  • Peer-to-peer participants whose eChecks are returned are disabled rather than deleted
  • Text Campaign filter and column added to Transaction Summary and Transaction Details reports
  • Added rules to prevent event registration cutoff date from falling after specified event end date
  • Users can now delete empty peer-to-peer teams from the peer-to-peer control panel
  • Added Filter By drop-down menu in Recurring Payments to make it easier to filter recurring gifts

Bug Fixes

  • When cloning a form with Enable SMS enabled, SMS is now automatically enabled on the new form
  • Synchronized Export Declined Transactions toggle and Declined Opportunity Stage so when Export Declined Transactions is enabled Declined Opportunity Stage is displayed and is hidden when the toggle is not enabled
  • When switching frequencies for a billed fee using self-serve pricing, the new fee’s feature start date is equal to the old fee’s next bill date to prevent billing errors or service interruptions
  • When adding a Text Area type of custom field to a Qgiv form the ability to horizontally resize the Text Area is disabled to prevent a form layout error that renders the form unusable
  • Demo form data is wiped when the form is toggled from demo to active to present demo donation data from displaying alongside actual donation data
  • Fixed linking error that was preventing users from being taken to the “Edit Donor” page when clicking link from Peer-to-Peer Constituents for matching gifts
  • Users can now select “Event” when editing Custom Event Receipt and vice versa. When an event ID is deleted, any event receipt tied to that event will also become unassigned
  • Fixed Safari captcha issues impacting Qgiv forms where recaptcha is required
  • Corrected image rotation and item description field errors in Auction Import
  • When a peer-to-peer participant that hasn’t logged into Facebook through Qgiv recently attempts to view or create a Facebook Fundraiser, the user will be prompted to log in to Facebook to reauthorize data access
  • Non-Fundraising Participants joining a peer-to-peer team will no longer be asked to set a fundraising goal
  • Set a default peer-to-peer supporters widget default number to display 5 supporters at a time
  • Added success message when changing checked in and attending toggles to indicate changes were correctly saved
  • Mobile Logo upload now throws an error when users are attempting to upload a photo of an unsupported file type
  • Fixed partner statement error showing the incorrect amount for recurring fee calculations
  • When donors make a donation with a dedication to an auction form the dedication text is now saved and appear in the transaction details page and in the receipt
  • Organization statements now display the correct billing period information
  • Pending registrations no longer claim a spot on a team. The spots on a team can only be filled by registrants when registration is completed

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