System Update: Early November 2016

System Updates

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Hey…it’s almost over. November 8th will be here before you know it. Until then, we’ll freak out with you.

On the bright side…we updated a few things and fixed some bugs!


  • Added a message in Form Builder to let you know if another user is logged in and editing your form’s landing page if you’re using the simple skin customization tools. You can then yell at them from across the office.
  • You can now change the alignment of text in Custom Content and Page Title widgets. OCD friends rejoice!
  • Affinaquest is now supported in our Salesforce integration! YAY!
  • Updated the contrast between recurring options and form background color so it’s easier to tell which one is selected.


  • Changes to a peer-to-peer participant’s classification now show up everywhere, not just all willy-nilly as they feel like it.
  • Pending eChecks weren’t exporting to Salesforce…they are now!
  • Opt-in permissions now display properly in peer-to-peer reports.
  • Restrictions are no longer wearing a cloak of invisibility in donor accounts and can be selected when a donor adds a recurring payment from their account interface.

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