System Update: Early November 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Check this out! We’ve added additional flexibility to Qgiv’s auction checkout process 🛒. Now guests can purchase store and fund-a-need items during the event rather than waiting to complete the purchase at checkout. Guests can also make purchases throughout the evening even if you’ve already opened checkout!
  • You can now add, remove, or edit items on a guest’s tab after an auction has ended.
  • You’ll 💚 the new information added to the Auction Items Report. We added columns to track which items got Favorited or Followed by auction guests. This update takes the guess work out of figuring out which auction items guests liked most!
  • Stumped as to why certain legacy donation forms can’t be upgraded to the latest version 🤔? Hover over the greyed-out Upgrade button in My Qgiv and you’ll see a reason. Once you’ve sorted out the issue, you’ll be able to upgrade!

Bug Fixes

  • GiftAssist is now more transparent for donors. If you use a percentage instead of a flat fee for GiftAssist, that percentage is displayed as a dollar amount based on your donor’s chosen gift amount 💵!
  • Links added to the custom content widget on your donation form will now display in your chosen theme’s primary color.
  • To decrease DonorPerfect export failures, records are exported up to the maximum capacity DonorPerfect can handle. Records above that number will be retried during the next export attempt.
  • If you’re not ready to accept donations on your new Qgiv donation form, an “under construction” message will be displayed when donations and recurring donations are disabled and you don’t have an active event on that donation form.
  • Auction fundraising thermometers 🌡️ will now display consistent amounts across the event page, auction dashboard, and on FundHub thermometers if it’s included in one.
  • Making changes to a recurring donation with a payment start date set to the future no longer updates the payment start date to the current day.
  • Recurring donations are now paused if a donor deletes their payment method from their donor account and doesn’t replace it with a new payment method.
  • New forms are now excluded from the Donation Amounts widget’s dropdown menu because the embeddable amounts widget isn’t supported for new forms yet.
  • Fixed a bug preventing recurring donations from being enabled on new forms if upgraded from a legacy form that didn’t have recurring gifts enabled.
  • Corrected an issue on new forms causing events with a transparent background theme to display incorrectly.
  • Removed the ability to create a donor account on new forms if the form doesn’t display the first name, last name, or email fields. These are required for donor account creation.
  • We’ve hidden the custom CSS option in Form Builder and Event Builder on new forms until custom CSS is supported.
  • Users can now successfully update the language of the Given Anonymously field on new donation forms.
  • Fixed a bug preventing donors from submitting donations if they entered a custom donation amount lower than the minimum donation amount but selected a donation amount option higher than the minimum.
  • Corrected an error when cloning a new form that prevented the event confirmation page from being cloned when only cloning the event information.
  • Changes to the Billing Name field will now save successfully.
  • New forms are no longer cut off when attempting to view and register for an event through the event list widget.

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