System Update: Early October 2016

System Updates

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We enhanced a few things!

  • If you’re only using one-time donations, you’ll no longer see the “How often do you want to make this donation?” language
  • Peer-to-peer button widgets can now handle A LOT of text!
  • We added a %RegistrationTotal% tag for Qgiv events. This will show just the registration total and exclude any one-time event donations that were part of the transaction.

We also squashed a few bugs:

  • Early bird pricing is now behaving itself
  • If you live internationally in a location without provinces, you’re no longer forced to lie and pick one on the form
  • Peer-to-peer team avatars update correctly
  • Copying the fundraising URL in the participant fundraising center for mobile browsers without Flash is now supported
  • Participants can once again connect to Facebook from their fundraising dashboards

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