System Update: Early September 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Classifications are now clickable in the full peer-to-peer leader board
  • Organization and form name are now listed in Donor Account dashboards for recurring donations
  • If an admin is moving a peer-to-peer participant to a team, and the team is full, they’ll now receive a warning letting them know
  • Added “Donated To” in Extra Info fields for integrations
  • Made it clearer in Qgiv events that adding a standard image will override the map display function
  • Deleted forms with no activity will not show in the statements report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing the donation confirmation page to get cut off
  • Cleaned up how we handle users saving mappings without setting a value in the Salesforce integration
  • Fundraising Hub (beta) cleanup
  • Clicking to view the full classification leader board in peer-to-peer now takes you to the right place
  • Fixed issue causing amount donated to show on peer-to-peer participant pages when that permission was deselected
  • Fixed issue causing peer-to-peer participants to receive an error upon attempting to log in after resetting their passwords
  • Registration Details breadcrumb in peer-to-peer no longer links to an invalid page
  • Qgiv custom report fields for the Recurring report now match the standard report fields
  • Qgiv custom report fields for the Peer-to-Peer Donations report now match the standard report fields
  • Made some changes to the peer-to-peer participant email system in the fundraising center to lessen spam susceptibility
  • Fixed a *POOF!* disappearing number issue in the edit area for multi-participant packages
  • Updated Gift Segmentation ranges in Advanced Stats
  • When setting up a Facebook API token, you can once again select forms from the Associated Forms menu as intended
  • Updated formatting for offline donation imports so “$” and two-letter state abbreviations don’t cause the import to freak out
  • Fixed an issue causing categories to not show correctly in the Virtual Terminal
  • State/ZIP are now optional in peer-to-peer Virtual Terminal
  • Added Canadian provinces to the Settings area of the control panel

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