System Update: Early September 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Hear ye, hear ye! You can now disable donations to the overall event or individual participants in peer-to-peer events (this is in addition to the already-existing ability to toggle team donations on and off).
  • Added fuzzy search to the DonorPerfect integration
  • Direct Cost now populates in auction item reports
  • Added the ability to exclude verified offline + matching gifts to the following integrations:
    • QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Fellowship One, Kindful, Mailchimp, and Emma
  • Updated some verbiage in reports and integrations to make things easier to understand (because understanding your data is important!)
  • Peer-to-peer web reports used to say “Form,” but the downloaded report said “Event Name.” It now says “Form Name” in both places.
  • Push notifications are now shown when Android users do not have the app open
  • Added GiftAssist in auction checkout and registration
  • Added a “Form Type” column to all reports
  • Added a product list widget to the auction Event Builder so you can show your guests a sneak peek!
  • Added recurring end date as an Extra Info Field in integrations
  • Added ability to tie pieces of data to transactions that happen on a form level in Data Mapping


Bug Fixes

  • Offline auction registrations now send a receipt
  • Auction packages no longer showing sold out when max participant count is set
  • Guests can now see GiftAssist options during registration and checkout for auctions
  • Added “Bid Canceled” language to auction item activity feed
  • QR code now correctly showing when using print all auction items function
  • “Registration Only” items are no longer available for purchase outside of registration in auctions
  • Auction Virtual Terminal now correctly overrides and allows registration if registration cut off is past in auction settings
  • Registration validation no longer ignoring package custom fields until processing in auctions
  • Push notifications for auctions now show up on guests’ lock screens on their phones
  • Item order for auctions on Android is now customizable as intended
  • Classification is correctly populating in reports for Facebook fundraisers API donations
  • You can now embed YouTube video into a standard event description
  • Fixed alignment issue with the peer-to-peer walk-through

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