System Update Late August 2017

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing inaccuracy of recurring payment dates after pausing/editing a recurring payment
  • Correct images will always show for events in the Virtual Terminal
  • Having quotation marks in a form’s name will no longer cause an error in the Mobile Virtual Terminal “Select a Form” view
  • Corrected an issue causing Text Giving to pull city and state information from Caller ID – it is now blank upon landing on the form
  • Fixed an issue causing PayPal to fail as a payment option when logged in to a donor account
  • When only team options are selected in the control panel, Mobile Virtual Terminal will now correctly read if you are joining a team and not ask you to enter a team name during registration
  • When no dates are listed in a Qgiv event, “registration ending” will no longer show up in the Virtual Terminal
  • Fixed an issue in which donor names were not pulling into reports via data mapping (no, really this time)
  • Fixed a hiccough in signup not allowing you to get past the first step
  • “&” will no longer cause text after it to disappear in transaction details

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