System Update: Late August 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Tracking peer-to-peer store purchases just got easier! You can now add custom columns to the Transaction Details Report to include details about purchases from the peer-to-peer store. 🛒
  • Have you had an export go through that still displays an In Progress or Failed status? Don’t worry! You can update the status of your export to a Success to remove the transaction from the queue.
  • Be our guest! When your donors want to check out using PayPal, but don’t have a PayPal account, they can now check out as a guest in PayPal to complete their gift!

Bug Fixes

  • Auction items with the optional Submitted By section left incomplete will now no longer show a blank space when viewing Auction Inventory and Auction Purchased Items filtered by Submitted By
  • After five unsuccessful attempts to log in to a Qgiv account, the account will be locked for a time, and an email will be sent to Qgiv and to the account holder’s email address. This feature will act as an alert when unauthorized access to a user’s Qgiv account is attempted. This does not apply to donor accounts.
  • Fixed a bug that was assigning the wrong country code format to Givi users
  • Fixed bug that was hiding store items with attributes from the backend if a space was added before or after the item attribute name during item setup
  • Removed the ability to select Invoice as the payment method on a text-to-donate promise. A promise is already created when a user texts an organization’s keyword to pledge a donation. 📱
  • Fixed Givi receipt bug causing the app to crash when viewing receipts using an iOS operating system
  • Addressed a bug in recurring notification receipts that showed a $0.00 total rather than displaying the actual total
  • Corrected a screen sizing issue on the Givi app so the entire FAQ section in the Givi app is viewable on an iPhone SE model
  • Fixed a gift details alignment issue in which a peer-to-peer donor’s GiftAssist information was being cut off when viewing their transaction details
  • One really is the loneliest number! On the iOS version of the Givi App, the 1 button on the app’s keypad is no longer hidden when bidding on an auction item.
  • We made the instructions for peer-to-peer personal fundraising page setup clearer
  • No strings attached! The DonorPerfect integration now consistently shows integer fields, rather than string fields, whenever you’re mapping over a number.

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