System Update: Late January 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added the ability to search for terms separated by commas or numbers in a range
  • The auction event name is now included in the text sent using the Ticket Code SMS Tool and when accepting an invite
  • Simplified credit card billing requirements in the Auction Virtual Terminal and added credit card verification functionality when entering a credit card as the stored bidder payment method
  • In service integrations with custom mapping functionality, “Team Name” populates for donations made to a peer-to-peer fundraising team
  • Added a Recurring Status filter in Recurring standard/custom reports
  • Created new Service Integration Export History Report

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue that caused End Date to remain active if set for a service integration even if the Specify End Date field is toggled off
  • Fixed bug in which the Qgiv event front end was ignoring private packages when determining if the attendee limit for an event was reached
  • Store Item Attributes now no longer visible if change is made to “show item in” setting
  • Fixed bug causing the UI to malfunction when selecting items to group edit and triggering a search before clicking the group edit button
  • Fixed dead link to Add Email button in Donor Summaries with records that don’t have a listed email address
  • Locked auction bids and purchases at checkout so that they cannot be cancelled after they’ve been paid for
  • NeonCRM integration now respecting “exclude” mapping
  • Changed event reporting logic so that even if all attendees are marked as not attending for an event registration transaction they still show up in the event report
  • Multiple partial refunds are no longer causing fundraising thermometers and FundHub dashboards to display incorrect fundraising amounts
  • Added an error message that displays to form admins when they are logged in on a Qgiv form warning them that transactions processed on that page while they’re logged in will be tied to their admin user account unless they log out

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