System Update: Late January 2022

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements ✨

  • Have you tried out the redesigned peer-to-peer registration experience yet? Check out our official announcement webinar to see the exciting new features!
  • One of those new features is the ability for primary registrants to manage fundraising pages for additional registrants. In this system update, we’ve added a prompt to help users switch between profiles when they log into their Fundraising Dashboards.
  • We’ve also enhanced screen reader accessibility for the peer-to-peer store during registration.
  • And you can now resend a refund receipt from the transaction details page.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Did you know you can embed videos on your landing pages with the Image Gallery widget? With this fix, Vimeo videos are once again displaying in the widget as expected.
  • If you’re using a peer-to-peer form with a custom URL, the event links on the redesigned registration receipt page are once again directing to your main event page, as intended.
  • Speaking of peer-to-peer, you can now edit or delete rule-based email campaigns.
  • Finally, Donor Perfect integration users! Your exported pledges now include GiftAssist in the transaction totals.

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