System Update: Late July 2020

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Custom field mappings are now available for the Kindful service integration! Kindful users can map static, custom, and standard fields to their instance of Kindful.
  • Got the Salesforce service integration? Got recurring gifts? Then you’ve got a match made in heaven! You can now enable recurring donation support for your Salesforce integration to make exporting details about your recurring gifts easy.
  • For users of the Emma service integration, you can now check your connection details and re-authenticate your integration from the settings menu for your Emma service integration
  • Campaign Monitor users, get ready to drop your jaws over these drop-down menu updates! In both the integration settings and optional mappings, drop-down menus now support fuzzy search. That means you’ll spend less time looking for the right fields for your integration.
  • Because more people are registering for events and making donations online, when you create new standard Qgiv events, the mobile display setting now defaults to “on” so your event attendees can sign up to go while on the go.
  • We’ve recently made some security enhancements to keep donor accounts secure. In addition, we’ve reconfigured our password reset link expiration logic to give users more time to reset their passwords if they forget them. Donors with accounts and peer-to-peer participants now have a full 24 hours from the time the reset password email is sent to use their reset link before it expires.

Bug fixes

  • Seeing the world from a small screen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still get to see everything! We made our Plans and Pricing page in the Qgiv control panel more responsive so you can easily see everything you get in each of our packages.
  • In the event an export fails, users will no longer see successful retries linked to multiple failed export IDs. Instead, only the most recent retry attempt is sent over. This helps cut down on confusion post-export.
  • Changes made to offline donations are now reflected in the recent activity widget. For instance, when your event participants enter an offline donation, if the person who gave decides they want to be anonymous, selecting not to display the donor’s name will hide it in the recent activity widget.
  • When you have a peer-to-peer category with a $0.00 registration fee, no fee start and end dates will be displayed
  • QuickBooks Online service integration will no longer export without all required fields being entered
  • We believe in giving credit where credit is due. So we changed the logic our badges system uses so badges are awarded after the thermometer is recached. This means no more missed opportunities to celebrate your participants’ fundraising wins.

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