System Update: Late June 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Updated Mailchimp logo in the integration area and changed “Lists” to “Audiences”
  • Added a “Save As” option in SMS templates so you load and modify an existing template, then save it as a new template with a new name
  • The thermometer countdown on peer-to-peer events will now auto-hide when the event is over. This helps with post-event donations!
  • You can view messages added during a peer-to-peer donation in the transaction details for the donation
  • Added ability to add Givi form to API Token

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing new donor notification to go out when an existing account was logging in to peer-to-peer
  • Added a tool tip in personal Fundraising Dashboards for anonymous donors that says “Donor chose to be anonymous to the public”
  • Fixes to custom fields in transaction details report
  • “Copy link” URL on My Qgiv page no longer uses FundHub ID instead of alias
  • Classification leader board page in peer-to-peer now displays its title correctly
  • Form can no longer be saved with “Internal Form Name” and “Form Title” not required
  • Given Anonymously now accurate on transaction Details Report
  • Changing email for a transaction now resends email receipt to new email
  • Email Attendees email now correctly shows the reply to address input by the organization
  • Partner statements now correctly including refunds
  • Fixed issue causing one-time donations to not appear on Registration Admin Notification occasionally
  • Custom field drop-down first option field is now sizing properly
  • Fixed an issue causing custom report columns to not match transaction report columns
  • “Create one now” button in the notification recipients area now works correctly


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