System Update: Late June 2020

System Updates

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Features & Enhancements

  • We’re empowering Qgiv users to tighten up their internet security with two-factor authentication. 🔒 Qgiv users can enable this optional security feature for themselves on their My Information page, and admins can make 2FA mandatory for all users by clicking the checkbox in the Users menu
  • The Recurring Forecast Report now lists the total number of transactions in the table in addition to the forecast total amount in donations organizations can expect from recurring donations in coming months
  • Class Fields are now supported in the QuickBooks Online service integration for Default Values and Optional Mappings
  • Auction push notifications got a makeover! 💄 If auction attendees receive a push notification when they’re not using the app, a preview notification is displayed on the phone’s lock screen. Auction attendees can read the full message within the app by clicking the Notifications icon in the upper-left corner of the screen

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