System Update: Late March 2017

System Updates

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Psst… hey… guess what we added?


That’s not all! You can now include (locked!) PDF receipts when you send out your donors’ email receipts! You can read more about how in the Receipts article.

We fixed some bugs, too:

  • Fundraising goals on new peer-to-peer forms won’t give you any trouble when you try to save them
  • Team reports are now accurate
  • Marking a custom field as required for above a certain donation amount won’t make it required for ALL donation amounts
  • Fixes to recurring donation notifications – the “Donation Received” notification won’t go out, but the Recurring Donation Billed notification will
  • Team Download report actually downloads instead of taking you to a blank screen
  • Various peer-to-peer social sharing and widget fixes
  • Giving a user permission to access custom emails in peer-to-peer now gives them the ability as it should
  • If an email notification isn’t enabled, it won’t get sent. Oops.
  • Images in the peer-to-peer store are no longer teeny tiny

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