System Update Late May 2017

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Twitter and Button widgets will no longer be disproportionately large in single-column layouts
  • Peer-to-peer participants will no longer see the unusable “drag a widget here” text when widget sorting is turned off on their pages
  • Removed the Qgiv image as the default for Facebook sharing
  • My Supporters and Recent Activity feeds can now be expanded to show past entries
  • You can now send custom emails in peer-to-peer to members of classifications and categories

Bug Fixes

  • Standard donation receipts are now correctly going out again in place of recurring receipts when all recurring donation receipts are turned off
  • Fixes to improve continuous exports from integrations
  • An error telling you to enter a Reply To address will no longer appear when editing a receipt that does not have a Reply To field
  • Donor summaries will correctly reply to the address entered instead of replying to
  • Store product images in peer-to-peer will appear when clicked
  • Text versions of emails are now spaced properly instead of showing all on one line
  • No more errors when you’re in the Source view while editing receipts
  • Form settings should save properly and not revert to basic information settings
  • Credit card numbers are saved and formatted at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX11 instead of showing an empty field in donor accounts when editing payment info
  • Participants registered via Virtual Terminal and making an offline donation will now show up correctly in the Constituents area of peer-to-peer
  • Searching for participants/teams in Virtual Terminal will yield accurate results
  • Donor transaction history in donor accounts now correctly listed in chronological order
  • Start date in Goals will no longer validate past dates
  • PDF receipts won’t sneak through when the option is toggled off
  • Periodic posts to Facebook should now be posting properly
  • Large goal amounts and amounts achieved in peer-to-peer thermometers should now fit inside the widget without getting cut off
  • Calendar picker in Goals should now work consistently


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