System Update: Late May 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Peer-to-peer participants can now see their classification and team names on their fundraising dashboard (under My Registration>Registration Info)
  • Your total number of recurring donors is now displayed in the reporting interface along the bottom of the search results table
  • You can now see your form ID listed just above your form title in the form-level control panel for Qgiv and peer-to-peer forms (in case you need it for offline donation imports!)

Bug Fixes

  • Save button wasn’t triggering in Event Builder when publishing a page, which was preventing changes from being published
  • Under the Attendees tab in Qgiv events, purchased packages were not listed when you printed the report
  • Private package URL was not visible on mobile for landing page and simple skins
  • Imported offline donations weren’t showing up in Transactions or Donors in some cases
  • Sharing on Facebook was off center on mobile
  • Peer-to-peer participants are no longer able to somehow register two fundraising pages under the same email
  • Event and badge links in the peer-to-peer Recent Activity widget will no longer get a 404 error
  • In some cases, the Recent Activity feed in the control panel was showing an event donation and registration, but only an event donation occurred
  • When removing map from event page, a white dot was displaying – all better now
  • Qgiv event cloning now properly pulls receipt content
  • Clicking “preview” for a dedication notification will now open the preview, not another window showing the form
  • Batches & Settlements – daily breakdown report now includes all relevant forms, regardless of their status
  • Fellowship One was exporting offline unverified donations. For shame.
  • Phone number wasn’t saving and duplicate account roles were being created when new users were added


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