System Update: Late November 2016

System Updates

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Here’s what we made better:

  • You can now access these system update entries from the upper-right corner of the screen immediately after logging in to your Qgiv account. You know you want to reread them over and over again.
  • You can now delete media from the Insert Media library! Can we get an amen?
  • It’s easier to move peer-to-peer donations from one classification to another
  • Added a tooltip letting peer-to-peer participants know the gear icon is how they can edit widget content
  • Archived peer-to-peer events now redirect to 404 (unless a redirect is set up in Form Settings)

Dead bugs:

  • Subregistrant one-time donations added during peer-to-peer registration are now assigned properly to the subregistrant
  • Facebook sharing images should now save properly, and the comment widget in peer-to-peer won’t throw an error upon the first comment being left
  • Early bird discount no longer shows as undefined for additional registrants in peer-to-peer
  • Team widget on the classification list page no longer has a hissy fit when you change the layout
  • A random error causing event packages to become outrageously and unexpectedly expensive when someone started filling out their personal information is now fixed. Because no one wants to pay $8,675,309 to go to your event.
  • Squashed a few custom report bugs

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