System Update: Late November 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Added recurring donations for peer-to-peer! Rejoice!
  • You can now rearrange the order of your custom reports
  • Moved the “Cancel Recurring Transaction” button on recurring donation summary pages to the bottom
  • Fixed some title casing in custom reports

Bug Fixes

  • Items in the Recent Activity feed in peer-to-peer now always correctly display and link
  • In reporting, transactions filtered by restrictions no longer pull data from incorrect forms due to identical restriction names
  • When registering as a peer-to-peer participant on a mobile device, the email field now correctly constrains to the mobile screen size
  • Fixed an issue in Event Builder that occasionally prevented widgets from being dropped into empty layout containers
  • When you click from the First Name to the Last Name field during a peer-to-peer non-fundraising registration, the cursor now moves over like it should. Stubborn little guy.
  • Got rid of multiple pop-ups that occurred when clicking the “Log in With Facebook” option for donor accounts
  • Multiple fixes to make more text editable in the Wording section

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