System Update: Late November 2021

System Updates

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This week, we’re grateful for clients like you and for our awesome team, who continue to deliver a great product and amazing customer support. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Features and Enhancements ✨

  • First up, we’ve removed the “Package Name” label from receipts with the %PackageName% tag. Now you’ll just see the name of the package to keep your receipts cleaner and clearer. (And under control.)
  • And speaking of receipt tags, you can now include the %Employer% tag in Event receipts. That includes the Event Registration, Event Donation, and Custom Event Registration receipts.
  • Also, if you’ve activated invoices as a payment method for recurring gifts, you can now turn off the invoice email series. Donors who want fewer emails can always pay via their donor accounts.
  • We’ve added a notification for donations with dedications. You can configure it in your org-level notifications area.
  • We’ve added “Donation Message” as a field for the Auction Donations Report.
  • Finally, you can now change the “Company Donation” checkbox label for an event on a redesigned donation form.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • You can now nest multiple upgraded donation forms within tabs on the same webpage. If you’ve enjoyed this functionality with our legacy forms, you can upgrade your forms with confidence!
  • Our Mobile VT app can once again accept eChecks as a Payment Type.
  • The Registration tab of the Auction Virtual Terminal is once again displaying the Ticket Details area for new registrations with a pre-selected package quantity.
  • We’ve removed the Supporters widget from custom pages in the Auction Event Builder.
  • The GiftAssist option no longer appears for cash or check payments processed in the Virtual Terminal.
  • And last but not least, you can once again add more than 9 BCC recipients to a receipt.

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