System update: Late October 2017

System Updates

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  • Updated video widget for peer-to-peer so it auto-hides if no video URL is entered
  • Added the Insert Media button to peer-to-peer email campaigns
  • Removed cents [.00] from store prices in peer-to-peer
  • Salesforce:
    • Version 1.8 released that includes ability to map peer-to-peer store categories and products
    • Can now exclude object types from mappings, if desired

Tricks (that we fixed!)

  • Notifications now go out correctly when entering donations and/or registrations from the Virtual Terminal
  • Fixed an issue causing some recurring donors to be incorrectly grayed out in the Recurring Forecast
  • The GiftAssist column in the report pulled from Constituents>Donors now populates correctly
  • Fixed an issue in Mobile Virtual Terminal causing a split screen
  • Updated refund wording in the control panel so it says refunds are available up to 60 days after transactions
  • Fixed an issue with updating recurring payment methods
  • In some cases, after a donor deleted a payment method in a donor account, an error message occurred saying the stored card doesn’t exist… fixed!
  • Removing GiftAssist from existing recurring payments now saves properly
  • Custom fields marked required over a certain amount should now properly display the “Required” text on the frontend

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