System Update: Late October 2018

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Tightened up restrictions on how many emails can be sent from a peer-to-peer participant’s fundraising center. Don’t worry, they’ll still be able to send out plenty of fundraising emails! We just don’t want anyone to get spammy.
  • Added clarifying text to the “Include Registration Costs in Fundraising Goals” toggle in peer-to-peer that says “This will only include active participants in your thermometer total”
  • Fixed filter label names on the Recurring Payments page – “Display” was used twice
  • Updated the way newly linked transactions appear when a donor chooses to add previously unlinked transactions to their donor account. It’s now much clearer which ones are newly linked.
  • The “This form is currently being set up” message that appears when there are no active Qgiv events is now editable in the Wording section of your form
  • Added a loading modal for logging in to peer-to-peer events using Facebook or Google so participants don’t think nothing is happening after they’ve clicked to log in

Bug Fixes

  • Peer-to-peer participants no longer see the “Create a Team” option appear along with “Join a Team” in the personal fundraising center when the ability to create a team is turned off in the control panel
  • NeonCRM: special characters in names no longer cause account creation failure
  • Added an “Optional Feed Limit” setting to the Twitter feed widget in the peer-to-peer Event Builder
  • Cleaned up how Virtual Terminal appears on tablets

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