System Update: Late October 2019

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • New form comparison tool is now available in the Data package
  • Added a field in custom transaction reports for payment declined reason
  • Peer-to-peer thermometers now have a setting to include GiftAssist amounts in fundraising totals
  • You can now pause/disable peer-to-peer email campaigns
  • You can now include store purchases in peer-to-peer thermometers
  • Deleted forms that had no donation activity will no longer show up in reporting filters
  • You can now send an SMS message to auction registrants from the Auction Virtual Terminal that contains a ticket code and a link to download Givi
  • Added a history tab within the Outbound Text Messaging UI to track the number of messages sent in a campaign

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing an invalid keyword message on Sprint when “$” was included in the message
  • If you save any information under the registration tab for an auction attendee in the Virtual Terminal, it no longer regenerates a ticket invite every time you hit save
  • Donations marked as declined are no longer making it to Facebook when they shouldn’t
  • Auction with PayPal as a payment option now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the billing start date for recurring payments to show as incorrect in the Recurring Summary
  • Made some updates to how we trim spaces when keywords are texted in to avoid invalid keyword responses
  • Removed the Recent Activity widget from the web registration page for auctions
  • Fixed an issue causing bidders who had their payment method added in Virtual Terminal for an auction to be unable to enter the auction in Givi because they were not moved to checked-in status
  • Auction item modal details now updating properly when actions performed
  • Reports – You can now use the back arrow in the date picker in Safari
  • Updated “donation” language in the CSV format guide for the auction item import tool to say “fund-a-need”
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing peer-to-peer email campaigns to sometimes send duplicates
  • Auction Virtual Terminal bidder modal name now updates correctly upon saving
  • Donation recipient now showing properly when someone clicks “Donate Now” from a classification page in peer-to-peer

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