System Update: Late October 2021

System Updates

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We’ve got a big push to end the month, including lots of auction updates and some enhancements for our integration users! Read on to learn more!

Features and Enhancements ✨

  • We’ve improved the fuzzy search logic when you’re looking for auction attendees in the Virtual Terminal 🔎
  • A couple of big updates for auction cloning!
    • You can now clone individual auction items and their settings.
    • AND you can now clone an auction’s categories and items separately! We’ve found that many users want to use the same categories for a new auction but don’t need to clone the items. Now you can clone the categories and start fresh with a blank slate of items 🎉
  • At the beginning of this year, we rolled out the ability to void $0 auction registrations. Now you can void those registrations after the bidder has checked in, if you need to.
  • When auction attendees register, we send two emails: one with the registration receipt and another with the bidder’s ticket code. With this update, you can include the ticket code in the registration receipt using a tag 🧾
  • We’ve enhanced our custom domains to include support for Auctions.
  • Last but not least, we’ve got two integration updates:
    • For DonorPerfect users, export results are now logged in real time. So if something interrupts an export, the Export History Report will now provide a clearer idea of the export’s progress.
    • And Salesforce integration users can now match contacts based on household.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • In the unlikely event that an auction bidder checks out in Givi at the same time that you check them out in the Virtual Terminal, you can now rest assured they won’t be charged twice.
  • Auction venue names are once again appearing alongside the other location details in the Givi app and on registration invites and printable tickets.
  • We’ve added the %DedicationMessage% tag to the Insert Tags drop-down so it can be easily added back into your dedication receipts if accidentally removed.
  • GiftAssist is no longer appearing multiple times on donation forms.
  • The Confirm Your Information dialogue box for auctions is once again behaving as expected.
  • Did you know donors can create donor accounts using their Apple IDs? 🍎 This fix ensures that the donor’s information gets pulled into Qgiv properly if they use this method for account creation.
  • Auction item printable pages now support line breaks in the description text.
  • We’re continuing to improve our auction bidding logic to ensure that “ties” are handled correctly.
  • As more of you upgrade your legacy forms to the new design, we’re continuing to push bug fixes to ensure a smooth transition. Check out this video about how our redesigned donation forms not only look great but show an increase in donation conversions!

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