System Update: Late September 2016

System Updates

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The things we made better, faster, and stronger:

  • If you disable a participant in a peer-to-peer event, their spot is returned to the classification if you’ve set limits
  • You can edit “Please Select an Option” wording in Custom Field Drop-downs
  • Recurring donations frequency selection options have a fancy schmancy new look
  • Early bird discounts automatically display next to package prices instead of only showing when a package is selected
  • You can add a gift dedication AFTER a peer-to-peer donation has been made

Bye bye, bugs:

  • Verification of online donations has been fixed (phew!)
  • You can no longer spam your participants with multiple copies of their peer-to-peer donation receipt by repeatedly pressing the Resend button
  • Event donations now filter correctly in event registration reports
  • Peer-to-peer search bar again allows you to search for more than just teams…because everyone is important!


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