System Update: Late September 2017

System Updates

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Oh, hello! Happy fall!

Features and Enhancements

  • For partners, when you ghost a client, it now says “Partner Ghosting” instead of “Reseller Ghosting”
  • Raiser’s Edge: Extra Info fields are now included as their own columns upon export

Bug Fixes

  • Emma integration activation is now working like a charm
  • Fixed an issue with promo codes that were the same amount as a registration for peer-to-peer causing registrants to not appear in reports
  • Canadian provinces now populate correctly on peer-to-peer donation forms
  • Made tweaks to ensure chargeback notifications are received according to user settings
  • Fixed issues causing peer-to-peer participant sessions to prematurely time out
  • Fixed issue in Virtual Terminal causing peer-to-peer registration to not appear as an option when certain settings were configured
  • Fixed issue with PayPal showing an authentication message when it shouldn’t
  • Linking recurring payments to existing donors is fixed
  • Changed notification language to “Form:” instead of “Org:” at top to correctly reflect information
  • You can’t submit a peer-to-peer store form more than once – no more accidental duplicate transactions!
  • Fixed the “hide widget” function in Event Builder
  • Fixed an issue causing peer-to-peer emails to get sent out after the event closed
  • Custom date range tool in Batches and Settlements is now working properly
  • Fixed issues causing CMS changes to not immediately appear on the front-end on the landing page
  • When adding an image in the top and bottom content areas of Form Builder, “Save Page” is now properly triggered
  • When editing custom HTML, the cursor won’t freak out and delete 12 characters when you hit backspace

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