System Update: Late September 2021

System Updates

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Features and Enhancements

  • Notifications and reporting details now specify “Personal Information” or “Company Information” for individual versus company donations.
  • When an auction item reaches its max bid or the bidding period ends, the label “Current Bid” will change to “Winning Bid.” That way, your bidders can easily see which items are still open for bidding.
  • You can now add a button to the Classification Fundraising Page in Event Builder that will link directly to registration for that classification.
  • Finally, we’ve been working on accessibility enhancements for web auctions, including:
    • Adding screen reader labels to elements that were missing them before.
    • Using image alt-text that includes the image file’s name.
    • Ensuring all section headers on auction pages are readable to screen reader software.
Gif of Zach Galifianakis flying into the air with the caption "#Winning"

Bug Fixes

  • Custom fields with conditional content are a great way to personalize your donation forms. With this fix, the Additional Details section will once again only appear on your form if it needs to.
  • Looking to add extra text formatting to your GiftAssist message? The bold, italics, and underline formatting once again work as intended for the GiftAssist text box.
  • Voided transactions processed through Safesave are once again voiding as intended.
  • If you don’t have eChecks as a payment method on a form, donors won’t be able to change their recurring payment method to eCheck.
  • We’ve enhanced the donor login experience to reduce the chance browser cookies will prevent donors from logging into their accounts.
  • If you have a $0 item available during peer-to-peer registration, the shipping options will still show if you need them to.

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